Annual Community Reports

The Annual Community Report shines a spotlight on the programs and people the Levy serves. Whether it’s children receiving the high quality childcare services they need to prepare for kindergarten; or teens receiving the care and nurturing of a dedicated adult in a mentoring program, the report illustrates how the Levy is making a difference for Portland families throughout the city.

If you could reflect back on your life and pinpoint a moment in time when a specific person or event caused you to turn one way instead of the other, or move forward instead of turning back, what would it be?

The people we profiled in this year’s Portland Children’s Levy Community Report did just that. All participated in Levy-supported programs, some as long as a decade ago. They shared their reflections on how participating in those programs made a lasting impact on their lives: We hope reading these stories may prompt you to reflect as well.

Past Annual Community Reports

To download previous reports, visit our reports archive page.