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Program Reporting & Monitoring

  1. Program reports due to Portland Children’s Levy (PCL) staff are listed in Section II.E of the grant contracts. 
  2. Grant managers will send you all program report forms needed for mid-year and annual reports.  
  3. Each organization funded by PCL must annually report demographic data on all clients, staff, and board members of the organization. PCL will send the report form to appropriate staff members of the agency (e.g. executive director, communications, grants management, and development).
  4. Report due dates:
    • Jan. 31: Mid-Year Progress Report
    • July 31: Annual Data Report & Annual Narrative Report; Participant Lists for After School and Mentoring grantees only
    • Sept.1: Annual Organization Demographic Report (clients, staff, board)
  5. If due dates fall on a weekend, submit reports on the next business day.  If you need an extension on a deadline, contact your grant manager.
  6. Financial penalty for late program reports (large grants only): Failure to submit required program reports when due without a prior written extension from your grant manager may result in a financial penalty of 3% off the current or next grant invoice (see Section II.E of grant contract). This provision does not apply to small grants.
  7. If you have questions about reporting, please contact your grant manager:
PCL program areaGrant manager and contact information
After schoolBrian Schmedinghoff, 971-610-8721
Child abuse prevention and intervention, foster careJoel Broussard, 503-865-6786
Early childhood, hunger reliefMeg McElroy, 503-865-6013
Mentoring, small grants fundArika Bridgeman-Bunyoli, 503-865-6215