What We Do

Competitive Grant-Making
The Portland Children’s Levy grants funds through a competitive application process.  Funded programs must be cost effective and achieve positive results for children. A five-member Allocation Committee meets publicly to make funding decisions.

The Portland Children's Levy maintains a transparent public funding process.  Before creating investment criteria, PCL seeks extensive public input on community investment priorities from a wide range of stakeholders.  This public input, along with local data on children’s needs  and research on best practices are then incorporated into published Requests for Investment.

Volunteers from the community review and score applications.  The scores, along with additional application information such as populations and areas of the city to be served, help the Allocation Committee make the final decisions about which programs to recommend for investments and how much to invest in each program. Those recommendations are submitted to the Portland City Council for approval. In 2014, the City Auditor published a report examining what we do, including a review of the Levy’s recent funding process. 

In preparation for the current funding process, PCL focused on compiling key local data on Portland’s children, revising its grantmaking process and engaging community members and service providers in discussion on needed services. 

Monitoring Grant Performance
PCL enters into grant agreements with successful applicants which outline each program’s service and performance goals.  Staff monitor grants through regular reporting and site visits.  Grantee performance data are also used to report the Levy’s overall performance
Training and Technical Assistance
PCL provides a variety of training and technical assistance to grantees including program quality improvement supports, evaluation technical assistance, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and access to relevant trainings offered in the community.   

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