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Community Engagement and Local Data Reports

Community Engagement

Every five years, the Levy conducts a community engagement process to inform funding priorities for the next Levy period.

For the 2024-25 funding round, PCL hired Camille E. Trummer LLC to collect and analyze input from community members, providers, and key stakeholders through surveys, focus groups and interviews. PCL also worked with Community Engagement Liaisons, a network of multilingual leaders in culturally specific communities, to survey community members in up to 26 languages.

To learn more about needs and priorities for current grants, in 2018-19, Empress Rules Equity Consulting surveyed community members and hosted focus groups for deeper discussions with youth, parents and caregivers from diverse communities.

Survey and focus group findings are presented in an Executive Summary, Community Engagement Report and Appendix. These findings will guide Levy program investments in the upcoming competitive funding process.

Local Data Reports

These reports summarize data from various local and state sources and provide a snapshot of children in Portland — who they are and population-level outcomes — in the context of the Levy’s six program areas.

To download previous reports, visit our reports archive page.