Small Grants Fund

The $1 million Small Grants Fund was created to reach more children, youth and families from marginalized communities, those with disabilities, and/or with intersectional identities, and organizations that have not received Levy funding in the past.

Small Grants Fund Manager Arika Bridgeman-Bunyoli spearheaded a community-engaged grantmaking process which culminated in a two-step grant process. Step 1 included a short written application, with 12 selected applicants moving forward to the Step 2 phase which includes a longer application with full budget proposal and an interview.

Applicants are encouraged to watch a playback of the May 27th Applicant Information Session held via Zoom for help with the overall funding process.

To stay informed:

 A proposed timeline for the process includes:

  • May 4th:  Allocation Committee approves Small Grants Funding process steps
  • May 13th: Publication Date of all Step 1 Application materials
  • May 20th and May 27th:  Applicant Informational Sessions
  • July 2020:  Step 1 Applications submitted. Reviewer training occurs, and reviewers receive copies of applications to score
  • August 2020/ September 2020:  Reviewers meet with Design Team to review the scores and make decisions about which applicants should be invited to submit Step 2 Application.  Allocation Committee meets to approve the Step 2 process. Organizations that have been approved by the Design Team and Reviewers are invited to Step 2
  • October 2020:  Applicants submit Step 2 Applications and participate in interviews. Reviewers score applications and interviewers.  Reviewers meet with Design Team to share score and determine which applicants to recommend to Allocation Committee for funding.
  • November 2020: Allocation Committee meets to hear reviewer/Design Team recommendations and decides which applicants to receive funding
  • December 2020:  Allocation Committee funding recommendations presented to City Council for approval

Questions? Contact Small Grants Manager Arika Bridgeman-Bunyoli
Arika is passionate about addressing the role of systemic racism and oppression in health and educational outcomes, cultural humility, popular education and community empowerment.