Grantmaking Improvement Reports

As a commitment to continuous quality improvement, PCL examines its funding process and uses the findings to finetune its grantmaking practice.

In preparation for its 2019-20 grantmaking process, PCL contracted with Portland State University’s Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services to examine its funding process. The PSU team’s review yielded several recommendations focused on increasing transparency and equity throughout the process.

Download the Executive Summary of PSU’s Grantmaking Improvement Report

Download the Full Report: Grantmaking Improvement Report/Recommendations

After PCL’s 2019-20 grantmaking concluded, PCL staff surveyed applicants and volunteer reviewers who scored applications, seeking feedback on features of the grantmaking process, including elements intended to improve equity and transparency. Similarly, staff conducted separate surveys with reviewers and applicants in its 2020 Small Grants funding process. Using survey results, plus data generated in the funding process, staff issued three reports, highlighting reviewers’ and applicants’ perspectives on strengths and areas needing improvement.

Preliminary Report: 2019 Funding Results

Process Improvement Report 2019 Funding Round

Small Grants Fund Results and Process Feedback Report

Past reports on PCL Grantmaking Process Improvement

City of Portland Audit: February 2015

2014 Funding Process Review and Report

Data Analysis on 2014 Funding Process Results

To download previous reports, visit our reports archive page.