Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention

Research has shown that child abuse and neglect can result in short term and long term physical, psychological and behavioral consequences for children. The extent of the impact varies widely and is affected by multiple factors, such as the child’s age at time of the abuse, type of maltreatment, and frequency and severity of maltreatment. High quality, evidence-based services that focus on building protective factors can increase resilience in children and families in the short term and contribute to improved well-being and positive longer term outcomes for children.

Drawing on public input, local data and research, PCL adopted the following goal for the child abuse prevention and intervention investments: Prevent child abuse and neglect and support vulnerable families. The strategies adopted to work toward this goal are:

  • Strengthen parenting skills and resilience  
  • Address trauma through therapeutic intervention 

See a full list of the Levy’s 16 of Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention investments for 2020-23.

PCL publishes annual performance reports on child abuse prevention and intervention programs for each fiscal year.  

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