Portland City Council today approved $68 million in Portland Children’s Levy community investments over the next three years providing opportunities in education, youth development and family support.

In its unanimous vote, Council members said they were pleased that Levy funding for 85 programs would go toward reaching city youth affected by generations of racial, ethnic and economic inequity. Some of the Levy partnering organizations will also use funds to respond to emergency needs during the COVID pandemic, especially in Black, Indigenous and communities of color.

The approved three-year funding from July 2020 – June 2023 includes 22 grants for new programs, 10 expansions for currently funded programs, and 53 continuing grants to maintain current services:

  • 16 grants in Early Childhood for $21 million
  • 22 grants in After School for $12.6 million
  • 16 grants in Child Abuse Prevention/Intervention for $12.2 million
  • 12 grants in Foster Care for $8.5 million
  • 11 grants in Hunger Relief for $7 million
  • and 8 grants in Mentoring for $6.7 million