The Allocation Committee approved $41.7 million out of an available $68 million for new three-year investments in Early Childhood, Child Abuse Prevention/Intervention and Foster Care. The AC will use the remaining balance for investments in After School, Mentoring and Hunger Relief at its May 4th meeting.

The Portland City Council has final approval on Allocation Committee decisions and will review these decisions, and those made at the May 4th AC meeting, in mid-June.

Program Area# Grants Funded 3-Year Total 
Early Childhood 16 $20,889,002
Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention16$12,291,411
Foster Care12$8,520,021
Total Funds Granted at April 24 Meeting44$41,700,434

 Early Childhood Grants allocated 4/24/2020 

Application NumberApplicant Organization Program Name 3-Year Grant Amount
EC-9The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization Child and Parent Success$1,489,641
EC-10 Latino Network Junto Aprendemos $1,712,050
EC-11 Metropolitan Family Service, Inc. Ready Set Go $404,594
EC-3 Black Parent Initiative First 1,000 Days $503,902
EC-18 Neighborhood House, Inc. Early Head Start $1,083,391
EC-17 Native American Youth and Family Center Ten’as Sun Early Childhood Program $607,921
EC-2 Albina Head Start, Inc. Head Start $2,025,000
EC-4 David Douglas School District Nuestro Futuro $973,634
EC-1 Albina Head Start, Inc. Early Head Start $2,025,000
EC-8 Impact NW Parent Child Development Services $775,019
EC-16 Morrison Child and Family Services Listos Para Aprender $1,721,062
EC-20 Portland Public Schools Head Start $1,669,112
EC-13 Mt Hood Community College Head Start $1,481,868
EC-14 Mt Hood Community College Early Head Start $1,726,500
EC-7 Hacienda Community Development Corporation Portland Niños $665,308
EC-15 Morrison Child and Family Services Infant Early Childhood Mental Health $2,025,000

Early Childhood Total Funds Granted: $20,889,002

Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Grants allocated 4/24/2020 

Application Number Applicant Organization Program Name 3-Year Grant Amount
CAPI-5 The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention $1,054,815
CAPI-4 Impact NW Parent Child Therapeutic Services $691,572
CAPI-9 Lutheran Community Services Northwest Parenting in Portland $736,347
CAPI-16 Pathfinders of Oregon Center for Family Success $948,266
CAPI-13 Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc. Young Parent Program $474,526
CAPI-6 Janus Youth Programs, Inc. SEEDS $762,170
CAPI-2 Cares Northwest (assumed business name) Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center Trauma-Specific Therapy $622,644
CAPI-18 Volunteers of America of Oregon, Inc. Family Relief Nursery $1,227,350
CAPI-3 El Programa Hispano Catolico Parent-Child Intervention Program $703,102
CAPI – 15 Self Enhancement, Inc. Parent Engagement Services $421,802
CAPI-8 Lifeworks NW Family and Community Alliance $647,477
CAPI-12 Oregon Community Health Workers Association Community Education Worker Program $974,353
CAPI-7 Lifeworks NW Children’s Refief Nursery $1,609,193
CAPI-10 Native American Youth and Family Center Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention $656,699
CAPI-19 Volunteers of America of Oregon, Inc. Gateway Drop-In Childcare $459,595
CAPI-1 Bridge Meadows Intergenerational Interventions $301,500

 Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Total Funds Granted: $12,291,411

Foster Care Grants allocated 4/24/2020  

Application Number Applicant Organization Program Name 3-Year Grant Amount
FC-7 The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization Immigrant and Refugee Foster Care $687,210
FC-8 Janus Youth Programs, Inc. ECHO $600,324
FC-14 The Contingent Know Me Now $509,176
FC-13 Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc. Work Opportunities Training Program $364,198
FC-5 Friends of the Children – Portland Portland Foster Care Services $780,128
FC-12 New Avenues for Youth, Inc. Avenues to College $953,719
FC-10 Native American Youth and Family Center Foster Care Support $1,002,965
FC-6 Impact NW Safe & Together $1,049,805
FC-18 Youth, Rights & Justice Schoolworks $648,763
FC-2 The Boys and Girls Aid Society of Oregon Permanency Services $618,130
FC-9 Latino Network Foster Care Support Program $669,154
FC-15 Self Enhancement, Inc. Foster Care Program $636,449

Foster Care Total Funds Granted: $8,520,021