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Hunger Relief

Decades of research have demonstrated that preventing hunger in children supports physical and mental health, positive child development, school attendance, academic performance and positive behavior. Investing in hunger relief for children and their caregivers provides one of the most basic supports necessary for children’s success in school and in life. 

PCL’s goal in the hunger relief program area is to expand access to healthy, nutritious food for hungry children. Drawing on community recommendations, local data and research, PCL adopted the following programmatic strategies to work toward this goal:

  1. Provide food for pickup by families at a variety of community locations including schools.   
  2. Provide mobile food banks or pantries and/or home delivery of food to children and families experiencing food insecurity. 
  3. Provide training and education on nutrition, cooking, food budgeting, smart shopping, accessing local food resources, gardening for food production and community gardening resources to children and their caregivers.

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PCL publishes annual performance reports on funded programs each year.