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After School

More than 15 years of research confirms that children and youth who participate in after-school and summer programs can reap many benefits including increased academic achievement, better school attendance, fewer disciplinary actions, reduction in risky behaviors, and improved health and wellness.

PCL’s goal in the after school program area is to provide safe and constructive after-school and summer programming that supports children’s well-being and school success. Drawing on community recommendations, local data and research, PCL adopted the following programmatic strategies to work toward this goal:

  1. Provide intensive academic support and tutoring that includes attention to individual student needs, and staff who act as a liaison between schools, students and caregivers. 
  2. Support healthy relationship building, positive behavior and social emotional skill development. 
  3. Provide engaging enrichment opportunities attractive to children and youth including recreation, sports, physical activities, arts (fine, performing, music, expressive writing), STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and culturally focused programs. 

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PCL publishes annual performance reports on funded programs each year.