Link to live meeting:**

This public meeting will be held in-person at the Community Hall Annex of Portland Community College’s Southeast campus.  

  • You may view the meeting, which includes closed captioning, through the link above.  
  • In-person public access to the meeting is available at Portland Community College-Southeast, 2305 SE 82nd Ave., Portland, OR 97216.

Meeting Objectives

  1. Review past meeting progress and staff’s summer work prepping Community Engagement
  2. Orient Council to PCL draft timeline and major steps for funding process
  3. Discuss and provide input on future PCL grant application

Agenda items

  1. Welcome/Introduction: Everyone will introduce themselves by sharing names, pronouns, welcome new members, review group agreement/values. (6:00- 6:20pm)
  2. Community Engagement Update: Staff will review what Council accomplished at its May 2023 meeting and how PCL staff have used their work to plan/launch community engagement to identify community needs and shape future grant funding priorities. (6:20- 6:35pm)
  3. Funding Process Planning: Staff will present the planning steps and tentative timeline for PCL’s future grantmaking, including Council’s role in shaping the process. (6:35- 6:50pm)
  4. BREAK (6:50- 6:55pm) **
  5. Key Issues in PCL Grant Application: Council members will have small group discussions on 2 key issues for PCL’s future funding application- important qualities of organizations seeking funds and important information needed from applications about program activities to be funded. Members will report out highlights from small groups. Large group will discuss reflections and offer additional reflections/insights on issues raised in small groups. (6:55- 7:55)**/p>
  6. Reflection: Participants will complete a reflection activity that reflects on the Council’s meeting and its future work plan (7:55- 8:00pm)

**Since this meeting is a work session of PCL’s Community Council, the agenda does not include time for public testimony. During future meetings, the Council will offer opportunities for public comment/testimony. While this meeting is livestreamed, you will hear meeting audio and see closed captioning during all large group activities. For small group activities, the meeting livestream will not have audio or show captioning.

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