Link to Live Meeting:

This public meeting will be held virtually using Zoom.  

  • You may view the meeting, which includes closed captioning, through the link above.  
  • If you would like to provide public comment at the meeting, sign up here.  
  • In-Person public access to the virtual meeting is available at The Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th Ave.  Check in at the information desk for the viewing room location.


Preliminary (5-10 min)
  1. Welcome/Introduction 
  2. Approve Minutes from March 15, 2022 meeting
  3. General Public Comment (non-agenda items)
Agenda Items
  1. Grantee Partner Reflections:  Four grantee partners providing services to foster youth will reflect on service delivery.  Action: Committee questions, discussion, public comment.  (30-40 min)
  2. Community Council Update:  Staff will review the volunteer application process and results, and ad hoc committee recommendations for member appointments.   Action: Committee questions and discussion, public comment, vote.  (30 min)
  3. End of State of Emergency:  Staff will review the impact of the end of the state of emergency on planned program delivery in 2022-23.  Action: Committee questions, discussion, public comment. (10 min)
  4. PCL Staffing Update:   PCL will introduce the new Communications and Outreach Director, Yuxing Zheng, and an update on recruitment for the Community Engagement Coordinator position.  Action: Committee questions, discussion, public comment. (5 min)