Children's Levy Allocation Committee Meeting (06-15-21)

Allocation Committee Meeting
Jun 15, 2021 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Watch the meeting

Join us for the next Portland Children's Levy Allocation Committee Zoom Meeting. You can watch via this livestream link.

Meeting Agenda

1. Small Grants Fund

One of the grantees elected not to move forward with their small grant.  Staff convened the SGF Design Team and will recommend that these funds be distributed among the remaining small grants.  Action:  Committee questions, discussion, public comment, vote. (15 min)

2. Grantee Partner Reflections

Four grantee partners reflect on service delivery this past year, and the challenges of data collection in a pandemic.  Action: Committee questions, discussion, public comment.  (20-30 min)

3. Training and Technical Assistance for Grantee Partners

Overview of past training/TA offered by PCL, current grantee needs survey and next steps.  Action: Committee questions, discussion, public comment.  (10 min)

4. Building Participatory Practices

Plans for engaging grantees in conversation about PCL reporting requirements and methods and creating mechanisms for ongoing community engagement through formation of a community advisory board.  Action: Committee questions, discussion, public comment.  (15 min)

5. Summary of AC Member Feedback Sessions

On staff/Committee communications (content/methods), vision for AC role in overseeing ongoing grants, and priorities for change at PCL.  Action: Committee questions, discussion, public comment.  (15 min)

Sign up for public comment

Allocation Committee meetings are open to the public and we welcome your comment on agenda items or the work of the Portland Children’s Levy.  

If you would like to offer comment at the Allocation Committee meeting, please sign up using this form. After you sign up, you will receive an email invitation to join the Zoom meeting. After you join the meeting, you may provide comment by using the “raise your hand” feature on Zoom.  The chair will call for public comment on non-agenda items at the beginning of the meeting, and after information and discussion on each agenda item.  You may speak for up to 3 minutes when called on to provide your comments.