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This public meeting will be held in-person at the temporary Council Chambers and virtually via Zoom.  

  • You may view the meeting, which includes closed captioning, through the YouTube link above.  
  • In-person public access to the virtual meeting is available at 1900 SW Fourth Ave., Room 2500 on the second floor, Portland, OR 97201. Check in at the information desk for the viewing room location. Learn more about the location


Preliminary (5-10 min)
  1. Welcome/Introduction 
Agenda items  
  1. Community Engagement Results and Recommendations: In fall of 2023, PCL began a community engagement process to inform priorities for the next competitive funding round planned for fall 2024.  Consultants Camille Trummer and Dr. Tanisha Woodson will present the results of community and provider surveys, focus groups and interviews, and their recommendations.  Action: Committee and Council questions, facilitated discussion on results and recommendations.  (80-110 min)
  2. Funding Process Preparation: Staff will review feedback from potential applicants on the draft application and scoring criteria. Staff will provide an update on application revisison resulting from collective feedback from potential applicants and Community Council.  Staff will provide an update on implementation of the Web Grants platform for the fall funding round, and introduce new PCL Grant Manager, Brian Schmedinghoff.  Action: Committee and Council questions, discussion. (20 -30 min)

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