1. Early Childhood

    Early Childhood

    Leading economic experts agree that early childhood education has the highest return of any public investment. Participation in high-quality early education programs is linked with better reasoning and language skills and development of healthy emotional and social traits.


  2. After School/Mentoring

    After School/Mentoring

    After school and mentoring programs motivate students to stay in class, attain better grades and keep kids safe after school.


  3. Child Abuse Prevention/Intervention

    Child Abuse Prevention/Intervention

    Child abuse prevention and intervention programs promote resiliency and increase stability for vulnerable children and families by helping them build healthy, strong connections with social support systems that lead to positive and lasting changes.


  4. Foster Care

    Foster Care

    Foster care programs help the city's most vulnerable children beat the daunting odds they face and provide them with a path for success now and in the future.


  5. Hunger Relief

    Hunger Relief

    Hunger has devastating effects on a child's health and well being. Hungry kids are also at a higher risk for behavioral problems. Portland Children's Levy supported programs help by providing nutritious and healthy meals to children and families.


The Portland Children's Levy was created by city voters in 2002 and overwhelmingly renewed in Fall 2008 for an additional five years. In May 2013, Portland again voted in favor of a five-year Levy renewal, this time with a 74-pecent margin.

The Levy will annually invests $11 million in 2014-15 in programs designed to help children arrive at school ready to learn, provide safe and constructive after-school alternatives for kids, prevent child abuse, neglect and family violence, help foster kids succeed and mitigate childhood hunger. The Portland Children's Levy is subject to annual audits and keeps administrative expenses to 5 percent or less. more >>

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