Your Small Grants Fund Questions Answered by Levy Staff

Week of May 18th, 2020: Q&A 1–4

  • Question 1: We would like to have a way to talk with other applicants who are applying to the Small Grants Fund. We think that this would be useful and would facilitate communication between the disability-led organizations and the BIPOC-focused organizations. How can we do this? What’s the process?

    PCL Response: We have the contact information from participants in the Information Session who expressed interest in this. If anyone else is interested please send us your name, organization, appropriate email, and a couple of sentences about how you would like to interact with others who are applying to and we will compile the information into a list and send it out to everyone who wants to participate. In addition, we are researching the possibility of creating a Facebook group for this purpose, and will let everyone know if/when that is possible.

  • Question 2: Our organization applied for the full PCL process but unfortunately, we were declined.  We have a question regarding our eligibility for the small grants fund.  Our overall organizational budget is over $1M, but our budget for the Portland-area work that we would be applying for support is under $150,000.  (The rest of our funds go to support our work throughout the rest of Oregon and Washington).  Would we be eligible to apply for a PCL small grant?

    PCL Answer: Your organization would not be eligible because eligibility is based on your organization’s total budget, not just the budget for your Portland work. This has been done to ensure that we reach small organizations which have been shown to have multiple barriers to applying for PCL funds.

  • Question 3: Janus Youth Programs does receive PCL funding for 2 of our programs, Insights Teen Parent Services and Village Gardens.  Would other Janus programs that have never received PCL funding be eligible to apply for a small grant?

    PCL Answer: Under the current guidelines for the Small Grants Fund, Janus Youth would not be eligible since the organization has received PCL funds before.

  • Question 4: I hope this finds you well. A colleague forwarded this information to me.  I am hoping to ask a few initial questions. The company I work for, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, is quite large and complex.  We have a small child and family program which these funds could support.  My understanding is that organizations with annual budgets over $1M are ineligible.  Could you confirm this?

    PCL Answer: Correct, organizations with budgets over $1 million are ineligible.